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Since planning permission was granted for the first parcel in the heart of Cranbrook Town Centre in May, preparation has been underway to ensure work can start on site as soon as possible. With everything nearly finalised it is hoped the remaining few legal matters will be resolved by early August, allowing a start on site later the same month.

The development will deliver retail units and apartments along the southern side of the High Street, a market square for social gathering and town events, a Morrisons supermarket offering a full weekly shop and a childcare day nursery completing the education offer available within Cranbrook. The project is to be phased with the completions from the end of 2023 through to April 2024.

Town Square


 Cranbrook Morrisons


Update by the East Devon New Communities partners

The location of other land uses within the town centre to be delivered by Devon County Council, East Devon District Council and Cranbrook Town Council are shown on the plan. Further information on the programme for their delivery will be shared on this website once confirmed.

Applications for the residential land are now being progressed by the East Devon New Community consortium. These will comprise a number of separate applications due to land ownership and infrastructure requirements and for ease of reference are identified and explained below.

Town Centre Plan

Public Realm

East Devon New Community partners

Planning permission has now been granted for the first section of the road to provide access to the children's nursery, the Devon County Council building, and future town centre uses on land to the south and east of the proposed Morrisons. The second phase of this road, referred to as TC4a Access road linking through to Badgers Way will come forward as part of the design of the remaining parcel of town centre land it passes through. It has expected that this land will now be reserved for future commercial, community and residential uses, more information will be provided in the next update.

The uplift works to the 'High Street' section of Tillhouse Road from Court Royal to Yonder Acre Way will deliver a revised layout with new surfacing and landscape treatments. The proposals include the removal of the central section of Tillhouse Road, where the carriageway is currently divided by a central median to allow for wider pavements on either side of the High Street and a reduced width road to cross at the town square. Construction is due to commence in the autumn once the final design matters are agreed.

Residential & Infrastructure Applications

East Devon New Communities partners

(Persimmon Homes, Taylor Wimpey & Hallam Land)

A series of applications are being prepared by the East Devon New Community consortium: a reserved matters application for remaining residential units from the approved Cranbrook outline consent on land fronting onto the Education Campus (to be submitted by Persimmon Homes); a reserved matters application for alterations to the stormwater attenuation basin in the Country Park along with a proposed new feature within the town centre (to be submitted by the consortium); and separate full planning applications for the other residential land to be submitted by all three members of the consortium.

Once submitted the applications will be consulted upon through the usual means. Any comments at this stage would be appreciated and will be considered by the design team where possible and appropriate while working up the application submissions.

To view an application, select from one of the buttons below.

Delivery & Timescales

Once the planning applications have been submitted key plans and supporting material will be able to be viewed on this website; the full application submissions with details about the formal consultation period and how to comment will also be available on the East Devon District Council website.

Thank you for visiting the website again. We hope that you have found the update helpful and informative and we will update the website again as soon as the residential applications have been submitted.


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